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How to Revive a Fading Language


Originally Aired: Monday September 30, 2019

Niño Piamonte/Pexels

There are over 600 languages spoken in New York City. But Micropolis host Arun Venugopal wonders, which are disappearing? What happens when a language is down to its last few speakers? And how do we successfully revive an endangered language? After all, linguistic diversity is a big part of what makes New York — New York. 

With the help of the Endangered Language Alliance, we weave together a night of performances, audience participation and plenty of hearty conversation. You’ll hear music and stories in languages that New Yorkers are keeping alive and well in their own communities.Plus, the ELA debuts their brand new map tracking the existence of hundreds of languages being spoken across the city.

You’ll learn new words and phrases from our guests:

Rasmina Gurung (Language: Seke from Nepal)
Alexis Paz (Language: Purhepecha from Mexico)
Husniya Khujamyorova (Language: Wakhi from Tajikistan)

Plus, there will be a musical performance and oral history by Salieu Suso & Kewulay Kamara.

Micropolis is part of The Greene Space’s ongoing NEXT New York Conversation series. Leadership support is provided by:

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