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The New York Times Podcast Club, IRL: ‘See Something Say Something’

Thursday June 13 2024 • 2:44am - 2:44am ET

Ahmed Ali Akbar, host of the podcast "See Something Say Something"

Podcast obsessives, take a break from your earbuds to attend a live meetup of The New York Times Podcast Club, a weekly geekout over the best in on-demand audio. We’ll listen to a buzzed-about episode, then hear the episode’s creators discuss the ins and outs of how it was made with The New York Times editorial director of audio Samantha Henig.

In this edition, we tune into BuzzFeed’s See Something Say Something to learn about food fads and the reappropriation of global cuisines.

What does it mean when a celebrity promotes eating a daily spoonful of ghee ― clarified butter often used in South Asian cooking, for wellness? How do our food obsessions affect those who make it, regularly consume it or grew up with it? Dig into these and other questions with host Ahmed Ali Akbar and producer Meg Cramer.

Watch live at 7pm.

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