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The Taiwanese Table: Cuisine and Identity

Saturday June 22 2024 • 9:52pm - 9:52pm ET

Chef Brian Tsao and Cathy Erway cook an oyster omelette in The Greene Space

Taiwan’s unique flavors and culinary traditions are finding their way abroad in tasty and unexpected ways. Cathy Erway, author of the just-released cookbook The Food of Taiwan, convened a group of experts on Taiwanese food who discussed the challenges facing this under-represented cuisine in the United States, how chefs are promoting it, and how they are finding ways to innovate.

Watch the complete video below to hear what’s cooking now from Brian Tsao, Executive Chef at Mira Sushi & Izakaya; Ken Ho, co-owner and Chef of the innovative Taiwanese-Mexican eatery Lucky Luna; and Matt Gross, “The Frugal Traveler” columnist for the New York Times and former editor of BonAppetit.com.

Watch video of the entire conversation and cooking demo:

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