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Vocal Electrofolk: Zimbabwean Vocalist Netsayi and Black Pressure Perform ‘Georgie’

Saturday June 22 2024 • 8:53pm - 8:53pm ET

Netsayi and Black Pressure

“Tell us about this term, ‘vocal electrofolk’,” WQXR host Terrance McKnight asked Paola Prestini, creative director of Original Music Workshop. The performance space, set to open its physical headquarters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2014, co-presented a concert by the same name in The Greene Space on March 16 with Q2 Music.

The term, Prestini said, was borrowed from Zimbabwean vocalist Netsayi. “And what I think it means,” she said, “is the mixing of folk music with electric sounds of today.”

Netsayi, before performing with her band, Black Pressure, expanded: “We make contemporary music, but we try and incorporate all elements of Zimbabwean folk sounds and Zimbabwean traditional music, but we rehash it so that it seems like hip-hop.”

Watch their performance of “Georgie,” live in The Greene Space.

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