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YouTube’s Maangchi Talks Korean Cooking

Thursday July 25 2024 • 2:53am - 2:53am ET

YouTube cooking star Maangchi talks Korean cuisine in The Greene Space

With more than 86 million views on her cooking videos, The New York Times recently dubbed Maangchi “YouTube’s Korean Julia Child.” But Maangchi admits she didn’t actually know the reference when she first heard it.

“I never learned [to cook] from any cookbook,” she said. “I learned from my mom and my grandmother.”

Raised in South Korea, she didn’t make a career of her love of cooking until she emigrated far from home, first moving to Canada and later New York City. Today, she has more than 765,000 followers on her YouTube channel. And while she herself may not have learned from a cookbook, she’s now hoping to teach others how to make authentic recipes through her own newly released book, “Maangchi’s Real Korean Cuisine: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook.”

Maangchi sat down with Leonard Lopate in The Greene Space on Oct. 14 for the second installment of his annual Lopate and Locavores food series, this year celebrating the cultural and culinary diversity of New York City.

They talked about Korean food and culture, Maangchi’s success on YouTube and she shared her recipe for seafood scallion pancake with our audience.

Watch Maangchi teach Leonard the do’s and don’ts of eating Korean barbecue:

Learn Maangchi’s recipe for seafood scallion pancakes:

Watch the full Lopate and Locavores conversation:

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