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Get Lit with All Of It

Get Lit with All Of It

Matthew Septimus


Join Alison Stewart, host of WNYC’s All Of It, alongside bestselling authors and fellow book lovers on the air and online for this new book club series. We’ll read books and share our progress on Instagram, and Alison will talk with a marquee author during a live video stream event.

We know that New Yorkers need to feel a sense of community and fun, even as we remain apart. And that’s why we are excited to announce that the New York Public Library is partnering with WNYC to present a virtual stay-at-home book club experience!

How it Works

  1. Join the Club. Follow our book club on the All Of It instagram page, @ALLOFITWNYC. In our stories, you’ll find polls, questions, fun facts, comments, and snapshots of listeners reading along with us.
  2. Get a copy of the book. Since, you know, it’s a book club. Buy a copy from your local independent bookseller, or download a free, 3-week e-book copy from New York Public Library!
  3. Reach out to a friend, and read along with Alison and the All Of It team.
  4. Join us monthly for a livestream book club event featuring an interview and Q&A with the author, a musical performance, and some other special guests!

Production Partners

Upcoming Events

Get Lit with All Of It: James McBride

Get Lit with All Of It

Watch a live video stream as Alison Stewart, host of WNYC’s All Of It, takes her monthly book club series virtual the National Book Award-winning author. They’ll discuss his book, Deacon King Kong.

Available for live streaming

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